Sep 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Where to Buy Mason Jar online

Mason jars are back and looks like they're here to stay. They are very popular with food bloggers, homemakers, event stylists and health junkies that they quickly became the latest trend after making a comeback. You can see pictures of mason jars being posted all over the internet nowadays mostly being used as drinking jars at home, at the office and at their favorite cupcake shop in the local scene. We've seen it with green detox juices, smoothies, coffee concoctions, teas, fruit infused water, cocktails, mocktails and desserts even. They've also invaded the wedding and party industry, being used as table decor, centerpiece and personalized giveaways with a whimsical twist. Aside from canning/jarring homemade marmalade, jams and pickles to utilize what these jars were actually made for, which is to preserve and store food, some people have found other uses for them at home. They can be used as organizers for your craft materials, chic flower vases and so much more. Opt for classy mason jar mugs that come in a variety of colors instead of the usual glasses when hosting parties at home. The possibilities with mason jars are endless, no wonder it's still trending.

They've been selling like hot pancakes in the Philippines since late last year and the demand is still rising. So are the shops that offer them. They are also available in malls which is convenient for some, but let's face it, they come with hefty price tags when purchased there. Why not check out the sellers on our Legit Seller list who sells them? Get better deals when you buy in bulk and you don't have to worry about how to get them home if you don't have a car, they can ship them directly to you.

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