Oct 4, 2016

Tuesday, October 04, 2016
The Online Social Market in the Philippines began almost as soon as the Social Media Phenomenon which started around 2004. There have been a few unsuccessful attempts at selling on Friendster and ,for a time, Multiply was a good place to buy and sell items. Natural entrepreneurs, Pinoys effortlessly adapted to this new medium of selling and at present Instagram, the photo-sharing social media platform, is the main vehicle for traffic of goods and services. There are many reasons why shoppers find it appealing to buy items in the Online Social Market. Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s great to shop in the Online Social Market.

Exclusive Products
Intelligent shoppers are drawn to products that are not only practical but also not-your-usual-department-store-items. The Online Social Market overflows with exclusive items you can’t find anywhere else because most of the online shop owners also produce their own innovative products. A quick look at some of the IG shops like @FayeryTrinkets, @BlackBeardShoes, and @ManilaSole will give you a firm impression of the unique products in the online social market landscape.

Every Purchase Feels Like A Discovery
We know that department store display shelves are designed so that items that turn over inventory faster gets the prime central tier to draw in more consumers. The Online Social Market is just the opposite. Because it limits searches to tags instead of key sentences, locating and uncovering the best finds take time. The convenience of customer targeted items is replaced by good old seeking-for-what-you-want. It’s not an awful effort but instead a rewarding experience. This is the beauty of the Online Social Market. It brings us back to our childhood and our age of discovery where every nook and cranny contains gems and pearls, in this case, every Online Shop is a district of discovery.

A Strong Sense of Community
Social Media is great at connecting people which comes in handy when you need an opinion on a product or service offered in the Online Social Market. Ask a question online and for sure the online community will answer. Try doing the same thing at a department store, grocery, or boutique shop and you will be rewarded with distant stares from customers. The online experience is quite different and depending on the degree to which you are tuned in to the community, you will find people online to be very helpful. We even know of people in the online community who go out of their way to warn shoppers of scamming activities done by fly by night shops, a great example of how a community should behave.

Personal Approach
Every purchase from a shop in the Online Social Market is preceded by constant communication from the store owner or crucial sales staff.  It makes you feel that the online shop is working to make your purchase a delight. Compare that to some department stores and boutique shops where staff is trained to make money and move products out the door instead of serving customers. Impressive customer service in the Online Social Market may be due to stiff competition but the really successful shops are those that are inherently engaged in every customer purchase.

Meet Great People
People are drawn to the Online Social Market initially because of the unique products available but they keep coming back because of the wonderful people in the online community. Birds of a feather flock together I suppose. It is always pleasant to meet friendly online shoppers, who are eager to assist fellow consumers, and shop owners, who know that happy clients are the best advertising money can’t buy. No wonder there is no slowing down the progress of the Online Social Market, consumers are talking about it and more people are beginning to discover why it’s great to shop in the Online Social Market.

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