Aug 20, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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So far we’ve talked about how shoppers benefit from the badges that are available from our service like legit shop awareness. We also give the shops which are listed in this blog benefits that will give them an advantage in growing their shop. The shops which are validated as New, Regular or Legit Seller will also get the following:

•    A Shout out in our IG account
•    A 500x500 sized Badge which you can use for your shop to tell your customer that you mean business
•    A professionally made profile in our blog so your potential customers can see, in a quick glance, your products and how they can purchase from you.

We understand your concern for security and privacy so we will not post any contact details and bank account information. The shoppers can get that information by following the link to your social media accounts or contacting you themselves. You can request us to post this information if you want by commenting on your profile or sending us an email.

By working together, we can make Online Shopping Safe and Fun in the Philippines!


  1. Hi please review my online shop. Ig acct is babie.etc and fbacct is babie etc . Im a new seller and i reallt want to get a new seller badge. Thank you so much.


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