Aug 20, 2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
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We believe that Online Shopping through the Social Market in Facebook and Instagram can be made safer if the customers are aware and advised as to which shops are safe to buy from. Our experience has taught us that scammers prey on shoppers who cannot distinguish a scam shop from a legit shop. Scammers have learned that by imitating the looks of a legit shop, more victims will fall to their trap. 

By setting up a list of legit shops easily accessible online, we will help our customers decide on which shops to trust and which shops to avoid. This will be a benefit to the online shopping community as it will boost the trust of the consumers and at the same time reduce the number of victims of online shopping scams.

We give out 3 unique badges for online shops selling in Facebook and Instagram depending on their history of online selling.

•   New Seller Badge – Given to online shops that are new to online selling and have verifiable identification.
•    Regular Seller Badge – Given to online shops that have some history of online selling, have verifiable identification and good customer feedback.
•    Legit Seller Badge – Given to online shops that have a strong history of online selling and a long list of good customer feedback.

We give out this service for free as we know that increasing commerce in any market will benefit the economy. By getting any of these badges, you will be showing your customers that you care for their safety and that you will take action to prevent shoppers to becoming victims of online shopping scams.

If you are a seller and you wish to be part of this list, please send us an email request to with the following information:

•    Subject: New Seller Badge
•    Business Name:
•    Business IG and/or Facebook account/s
•    Personal IG and Facebook account
•    Scanned copy of 1 Valid Government ID ( Except Postal ID)

Our official social media accounts are:

•    Facebook:
•    Twitter:
•    Instagram:
•    Google+ Page:
•    Email:

Together We Can Make Online Shopping Safe and Fun in the Philippines!


  1. Hi! Im a new seller. How can i get a badge? I dont have my valid ID Yet. Im student & i just turned 18.

    1. Your student ID accompanied by a barangay clearance can be used instead (latest Barangay clearance dated 2014, printed on security paper and must match the name on your school ID) Thanks for your interest. God bless.

  2. Hi..what are the requirements to earn the Legit Seller Badge? Thanks

    1. (Send us your IG shop's username) Accept our follow request on IG so we can review your shop, we'll be looking for verifiable feedback (tagged/mentioned customer on posts) this means your feedback post must be client traceable. Thanks for your interest. =)

  3. Hi. Can i ask if it is ok also for a reseller to have this badge? I just started last December 2015 and i just using only my fb account. I want to have this. Thank you for reponding. :)


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