Aug 28, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Legit Seller Badge
We take time to investigate each Social Media Seller doing business in IG and Facebook which is listed in this blog and confirm that their business is clearly operated to profit by selling real products and/or services. One of the validating features to gain a legit seller badge is that we have found more than 42 verifiable online sales and customer feedback. To be awarded a Legit Seller Badge all the shop has to do is to continue running their online business honestly and providing excellent customer service. We do not require a fee for a business to be listed here as we consider this a public service to improve everyone’s buying experience.

An example of Verifiable Feedback is an IG shop repost of a client post showing that a product/service was purchased and received, and the client is tagged. Another example is a screenshot of a client post tagging the IG shop, it is important that the tag in the image/caption is visible. Viber/iMessage/WeChat/WhatsApp conversation screenshots that are tagged to the clients can also be used.

We know that this badge can be copied, edited and used by scammers to make them appear legit however if a shop posting this badge is not listed in this blog, there may be a reason to doubt the business. The main purpose of this blog is to become a point of reference for consumers and to aid in their awareness as to which shops can be trusted or not.

The list of legit sellers is posted here: Legit Seller List for everyone to see. We will be updating the list as often as we award Legit Seller badges to more shops. Please feel free to comment and let us know if there are any other online social media shops out there which you think should be included in this link.

If you are a seller and you wish to be part of this list, please send us an email request to

Together we can make Online Shopping Safe and Fun in the Philippines!


  1. Hello ebuyersguideph, if you have time po, please do review my shop po in IG: @iamleonnanotfiona and FB: Leonna Boots Tanghal Cariaga. Thank you so much and God bless po! :)

  2. Now i know why some of the online shops i visit has this badge. I was able to find a logo like that to edit, but then i saw this article :) Buti nalang nabasa ko to before i use that logo :) Anyways, magsisimula palang akong mag online selling :) Still managing to have more likes and followers sa fb page and IG :) Anyone can read this please Like my page and follow me on IG @nihachi.instyle28 :* thanks Loves! Hoping to see my Shop name soon at the list :) God bless us :)


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