Sep 9, 2014

Tuesday, September 09, 2014
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Boat shoes are essential to any preppy outfit. Not just a mainstay for your summer getup, you can be comfortable with these shoes in the office or when you are out with friends. It’s a good thing that Black Beard Shoes provide locally crafted boat shoes made from the finest quality leather. They make pairs for every member of the family. So the Daddies can enjoy strolling on a identical pair with their sons, while the Mommies can enjoy shopping on an matching pair with their daughters! Give this shop a try today.

Shop Name:                       Blackbeard Shoes

Category:                            Men & Women's Shoes

IG Followers:                       12k+

FB Likes:                              1.8k

Best Known For:               Locally made High Quality Boat Shoes
Modern craftsmanship made from finest quality leather Boat shoes for men and women.

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